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Galil Diamond Burs 10/pk

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Galil Diamond Burs were tested at the most prestigious dental testing facility in the United States, CRA. They were proven to be better than most well known, widely used, brand name diamond burs. (Brasseler, NTI, Two Striper). In lab testing, using “macor” a substance stronger than glass.

Contains: 10 Diamond Burs per Pkg

COMPARES TO: Neodiamonds, Two Striper, SS White, Meisinger, Axis NTI, Maxima

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Galil Diamond Burs 10/pk

Galil has been in the business of manufacturing Diamond Dental Burs since 1962.

  • 95% of our Diamond Bur Production is exported to over 40 countries.
  • Galil is ISO 9002 compliant.
  • Galil complies with Medical Devices Directive 93/42/EEC (CE MARK)
  • Galil’s Diamond Instruments are manufactured from pre-selected diamond grit in special shapes and sizes
  • Fastest cutting.
  • Longest lasting.
  • Perfectly concentric.
  • Smooth,cool cutting.
  • 5+ crown preps per bur.
  • Color coded: White – X Fine,Yellow – Fine,Blue – Medium,Green – Coarse

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Galil Diamond Burs 10/pk

Galil Diamond Bur 852-012 E1 Fine Yellow, Galil Diamond Bur 848-018 F2 Coarse Green


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